About Me

Crystal Freed uses her skill as an attorney to advocate on behalf of victims
of human trafficking and to organize grass-roots efforts to raise awareness.

Since 2007, Crystal has devoted most of her professional time to this issue. While serving as the co-Chair of the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Task Force, Crystal organized Jacksonville’s first city-wide human trafficking awareness speaking tour featuring Dr. Laura Lederer, a former Sr. Advisor on Trafficking in Persons in the U.S. Department of State. In 2010 Ms. Freed secured Luis CdeBaca, the U.S. Ambassador in the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, to address the Jacksonville Bar Association and to appear on local media.

She frequently speaks on the issue of human trafficking and has also planned and organized legal education seminars for attorneys focused on not only representing child victims of human trafficking, but also adult victims as well. In 2012, Crystal was appointed to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission where she served on its Community Relations Committee. She also served as the co-Chair of the Jacksonville Bar Association’s Human Rights Section. In 2013, Crystal decided to use the arts as a platform to educate the public on modern-day slavery. That led her, in October of that year, to Artworks for Freedom, where she served as its organizing partner for the North America launch in Florida.

Crystal continues working toward creating a safer community and a safer world.


A Message from Crystal

Like everyone, my worldview was shaped by my life experiences. Growing up in Trinidad & Tobago I had a birds-eye view of the dichotomy between the abject poverty of some and apathy of others.  Unwittingly, I also had a front row seat to the pain and suffering caused by a culture of silence and social mores.  Experience is truly the teacher of all things because that pain gave birth to something infinitely more powerful – a passion to speak up against human trafficking and speak out for its victims.

I believe that “to whom much is given, much is required.”  As a result, I left my work as a litigation lawyer to dedicate my professional time, talent and treasure to working against the slavery that exists today.  Human trafficking is more pernicious because its chains are invisible making the bondage easier to ignore, and victims easier to silence.

My goal is simple – to be an advocate for those who have been unable to speak or have been silenced by another.


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